this secret garden


2013 is a year of opening up, of lifting hands to the heavens and leaving my heart wide open for a love attack.  Of rolling my shoulders back and sticking out my chest and wearing my heart on my sleeve where God can pluck it off and breathe fresh wind and fire into it.  2013 is a year of cherishing what I have–the people in my life, our home, our blessings.  It’s a year of scraping off the grease stains in our oven, dusting the neglected corners of relationships, and paying attention to life.  And it’s not me making new year’s resolutions but me waking up a little and noticing things I never did before.  Like the fact that I’ve hurt people closest to me but didn’t see because I was consumed with how I was affected and simply reacted to life, swaying to and fro on two left feet, knocking into people as I did this tragic dance.  2013 is a year of growing deep roots that dig into the earth and drink in strength from words of truth.  This tree’s leaves will not wither but bear fruit and house birds of the air.  It will house birds, protect them, give them shelter during storms.  I no longer want to be the storm that rips apart houses and slowly rots wood.  So I lift up my hands and surrender myself and open myself for a love attack.


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