this secret garden

you’re marvelous

Intervene Lord. Open my eyes; I’m so blind to the unseen of what lies beneath the surface of people’s behavior and words.  Intervene and open my eyes so that I can look beyond the self-absorption, selfish acts, inconsideration, deceit and poverty in order to see the need and love the person.  For their sake, Lord.  For the sake of this world, open our eyes to Your truth of how You see past our brutality and love us.

* * *

I want to speak words of living water that quenches the parched landscape of her soul.  Her soul that’s become chapped and desires life.  There is a faint hope that pulses a definite rhythm of finding solid foundation that will hold her up above water– not just barely so that she has to stand on her tiptoes to barely avoid drowning, but so above that the water laps at her feet and there’s no fear of death.

You’re marvelous . . . these words that are a part of someone else’s story brings tears to her eyes.  She wants these words to be her story and is almost afraid to imagine a life of such words yet dares to dream the possibility.  Death of a mother when she was too young to remember her, death of a father when she was far from home and didn’t know he had fallen, taken to the hospital as a John Doe.  These are the deaths that haunt her, that happened too soon in the past yet follow her to the present.  Where are her mother’s hands that caress the strands of her hair into a perfect braid?  Where are the words of selfless love a mother whispers into her child’s ears?  Where are her father’s strong arms that hold her in a protective embrace?  Where are the words of encouragement a father speaks with authority to his child?  The absence of these moments are what haunts her the most- the reality that she cannot bring them back or have them ever again.

God strongly desires to speak words of love, hope, and encouragement into her life as her true Parent who knew her before she was even formed in her mother’s womb.  He is waiting and biding His time for the moment she’s ready to receive them from Him, eager for the chance to tell her she’s marvelous, over and over again.


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