this secret garden

limbless and limitless

My friend emailed me something he’d recently written about a man he heard speak who has no limbs.  Ridiculed and rejected his whole life, he had now come to a place where he travels the world to simply speak of “moving from a life without limbs to a life without limits”.  J.’s thoughts were about how we typically compare our conditions with someone else’s  to feel better about ourselves.  Yet this man named Nick Vujicic didn’t just have a positive attitude, he had amazing hope.

In our world, it makes sense that this man tried to drown himself when he was ten because of the constant rejection and differences he faced.  But it doesn’t make sense that he travels the world to speak and expose himself.  While I was praying, his story unexpectedly emerged to the surface.  I pictured a limbless man speaking hope into crowds of people, and I wept.  I wept at how our almighty and loving God would instill such hope and power into a vessel that is useless and incomplete in the world’s eyes.

A few weeks ago, D. had told me that when he was praying for me, he thought of the story of Paul in prison knowing how to rejoice in any situation.  D. thinks this is something I’m moving towards, and I thought of the trials I’d been through this past year.  I had understood this as an ability to remain at peace and faithful to God throughout even the most difficult trial.  But meditating on the limbless man, the story and prophecy had new meaning.  Nick V. doesn’t just hide safely away from the public and worship God in the privacy of his home; he moves into the very crowds that could potentially reject him again and passes onto them a rare fire he possesses.  That is power!  That is rejoicing in any circumstance.  And the fact that I can do that because of what Jesus has done, that I can shake off the generational and cultural curses of comparison and condemnation of never being enough, is amazing and humbling.  The fact that God didn’t create me in relation to others but concentrated so fully on just me when he was designing and making me with such intricate detail and love, changes how I see myself.  I proclaimed this and took ownership of the prophecy that I will rejoice in any circumstance.  God desires to move us from a seemingly permanent place of rejection, condemnation, and sense of unworthiness to a place of purpose, fearlessness, and vibrant life.


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