this secret garden

love for this lion apparent

The roads are dark though the street lights shine; we drive slowly, uncertain of where we’re heading.  A deer appears in front of our headlights.  We jump in surprise and break in response.  He blinks and looks at us, unafraid and unshaken.  We are afraid and shaken and can’t return his stare.  We turn the car to drive away, but the deer runs after us and is now a lion.  We drive to our friend’s place nestled in the hills.  We run to her door and knock, frantic while looking behind at the lion that’s slowed to a trot.  Our friend lets us in but remains at the door.  She opens the door wider to let the lion in.  No, I want to cry out. But instead I watch as she leads the lion to the back door.  She opens the door to her backyard where he roams and grazes the grass.  She stands by the glass door that slides and wears a secret smile on her face, love for this lion apparent.


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