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we are more than conquerors

Caffeine keeps me from sleep.  Dark chocolate, red velvet cupcake, generic strawberry soda, Chinese puer tea.  My hard boiled egg wasn’t cooked all the way, and I made the mistake of eating it for breakfast.  My stomach began to hurt after work, and I ended up going to the bathroom more than once.  Drinking the puer tea soothed my stomach but kept me wide awake when trying to take a nap.  My mind was racing as I tried to come up with a name for my stationery shop.  A train of thoughts led me to a name!  And the name led me to an idea that will inspire me to draw and be creative.  I’m excited.  Hooray!

I’m a part of a goal writing group of four.  We’ve been sharing our goals and steps and reporting our progress to one another every Friday.  As I actively seek the answers to my questions and prayers, opportunities and signs have been appearing.  It’s enchanting.  I was once a child who waited for things to come to her, and now I’m learning how to move my feet and go forward.  Something I learned quite significantly a few months back was to choose life and that the Lord is my life (Deuteronomy 30).  Life is not allowing circumstances to rule you and accepting the consequences of passivity, but it’s actively making decisions that reflect your beliefs, passions, and desires.  I think for a lot of us, fear paralyzes us.  In reflection of an email that was sent to my sister, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  And perfect love drives out fear.


One comment on “we are more than conquerors

  1. Kelly
    September 3, 2010

    That’s exciting to hear. Inspiring to read too. I’m prone to sit and wait for life and adventure and must remember to choose to pursue it regularly. Well I am at the moment with gathering my plans to get to the UK next year…and Germany. 🙂

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