this secret garden

a brief retreat in wine country

We just got back from a weekend in Healdsburg for T.’s friend’s wedding and are unwinding on the living room couch.  T. found a cottage amidst vineyards where we stayed with a friend of his.  Our bed faced a window that looked out to a great big tree that filled the frame with its long arms and ticklish green leaves.  It was a tree that probably lived through several generations of children who climbed its thick branches and swung on the tree swing.  After our enchanting bike ride through wine country, I rode on the swing to cool off and then just sat sort of in a daze at how peaceful it was.  There were blackberry patches that bordered the front lawn from which I plucked several blackberries to share with T.  I could totally live here, I thought.  Or at least go back to from time to time…

this is the tandem bike we rode.  i couldn’t stop laughing whenever we’d ride uphill, and t.’s shoulders would tense up from trying to pedal with all his might.


One comment on “a brief retreat in wine country

  1. popcornfartv1
    August 23, 2010

    the first picture is really beautiful.

    -sarah son

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