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After work today, we visited the DeYoung museum to see the special exhibition, Birth of Impressionism.  C. had given us free staff passes; when we showed them to the man guarding the entrance that faced a long winding line, he unhooked the rope and whisked us in.  We felt very special ^.^.  I guess the show’s a pretty big deal since the DeYoung is the only museum in the world to show two consecutive special exhibitions from the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.  The one we went to is the first of two.

The paintings were amazing.  To be able to stand up close to the canvas and see the visible brush strokes that make up an image so lovely and brilliant, is inspiring.  There were a few that were humongous, like twice the height of our apartment.  And I was just standing in front of these, gawking and imagining the painter standing on a ladder to paint a portion of the image, like just the wings of an angel or the head of a war horse.  And to know that all of these painters were rebels who held shows outside of the Salon’s permission, was all the more inspiring.  My favorite was this one by Degas.  If I were one of the ballerinas, I would be the one sitting on top of the table scratching my back and staring up at the ceiling, heaving a long sigh.

Afterward, we ate at the museum cafe in the clear plastic tent they had recently set up in the garden.  We shared an Izze ginger soda, $13 hamburger, and the messiest but tastiest pulled pork sandwich.  Sloppy Poppy is what they nicknamed it.  The sun is finally here!  It decided to show up when the leaves were starting to change colors.


2 comments on “impressionism

  1. hans
    August 17, 2010

    “heaving a sigh”
    that is so me too. except i wouldnt even be a dancer. just a lady sighing.

    • mijin
      August 22, 2010

      i was totally thinking of you when i wrote that part!

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