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gate of heaven 7.25.2010

notes i took while watching bill johnson on ibethel tv.  so good.

  • our minds are renewed to approve the will of God (the outcome is to demonstrate His will)
  • we provide the amen to what the will of God is
  • God is working on us to perceive things as authentic revelations rather than believing in unreality
  • our affections are anchored in a world we can’t see
  • having a passion for the world i can’t see qualifies me to be entrusted with the world i can see
  • there is an increase, but He’s looking for people He can trust
  • genesis 28:10-17
  • hunger helps perception; the absence of hunger dials down perception
  • living with a consciousness of need gives people a capacity to see
  • “house of God” first mentioned in v. 17; in NT the “house of God” is people (us)
  • gate: a transition place (from one realm to another)
  • house of God: the gate of Heaven where angels ascend and descend
  • if you live in reaction to darkness, darkness sets your agenda; we’re to live in response to God (He’s jealous for our agenda)
  • wherever God is, there’s an open heaven
  • john 1:14 the Word of God became flesh and dwelt (tabernacled) among us
  • accidents (unintended miracles) teach us about God’s nature of sovereignty; He wants to put us into a position of intention
  • Acts 2- the sound of wind that appeared like fire; this roar was the sound of heaven
  • the breath of God attracted yielded hearts and summoned a city to its destiny
  • we’ve been permanently assigned to live under an open heaven
  • “listen to me satan” by argentinian speaker who rebukes satan  in a stadium and demons manifest within people riding on buses and taxis driving by
  • in acts, 120 people yielded to the purpose of God and it brought upon the city the sound of heaven that inspired a city of outpouring
  • we are the gates of heaven
  • jesus cleared the way so we are without excuse; we have free access to him and his world at any moment of any day to release it in this world through touch, laying on of the hands, prophecy

2 comments on “gate of heaven 7.25.2010

  1. hans
    August 10, 2010

    i am so thankful for bill johnson and his ministry.

    • mijin
      August 11, 2010

      meee too. i ALWAYS come away enlightened and stirred after hearing his messages. i’m soso thankful you introduced me to ibethel tv and del introduced us to bill johnson.

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