this secret garden

intimate place of rest

An email from Blazing Fire Church (their emails are always encouraging and in line with whatever I’m thinking about at the moment):

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing!

Blazing Fire Church exists so that you have a place to come and enjoy the Lord’s presence within the framework of our unique life-transforming Core Values and for you to be empowered to go give it away!

Our first and most important Core Value is this: We value intimacy with the One who loves us!  God’s presence is the prize and the goal of our life with Him!

No matter where you are in life and no matter what you are going through, only one thing will bring you true joy–the sweet, transforming presence of the Lord!  This is why we are in no hurry at all to rush through worship at Blazing Fire, but instead to linger with Him.  However, this is not supposed to be a Saturday night only experience.  The Lord desires to take you to His intimate place of rest every single day of your life!

My strong encouragement is for you to take time–even this very moment–to focus your heart and thoughts on Jesus who loves you with an everlasting love!  And He reminds you of a Father who has always wanted you and who has only the very best plans for your life!  God is working absolutely everything out for your best–that’s His covenant promise to you–one that He will never break. This is a Father you can trust, so allow yourself to be taken into the depths of His heart. Be still and know that He is God.  THIS is the presence that you were made for!

By keeping the Main Thing (His presence) the main thing, you will find true rest in the mist of any storm, and eventually you will no longer even see the storm because your gaze is so perfectly fixed on the Lord’s eyes of blazing fire–His passion for you!!


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