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update on gol #5

You’re making it a reality, T. said and gave me a kiss when I showed him a business proposal I had been working on.  I just call it a business proposal because I don’t know what else to call it.  It’s just something I started after talking with a potential business partner.  I have to say God is pretty awesome.  After T. suggested I find a business partner, he prayed for it that night and I prayed for it the following night, and then on the third day I was asking a friend for advice on how to start a small business, and she unexpectedly expressed interest in teaming up with me.  And she would be perfect.  She’s in the process of thinking about it (at a crossroads herself in terms of career), and I thought it would be helpful to lay out a visual of what I envision for the shop so she’d have a better idea.

Although the idea of a stationery shop cropped up over a year ago, it had laid dormant even up until a few weeks ago.  I was having brunch with G. in New York, and she asked me whatever had happened to the stationery shop idea.  Eh, I said laughing.  Not interested anymore.  But then the following week I was about to fall asleep when I had a vision of a shop with light hardwood floors, white walls, and the most beautiful paper goods and fabric in colors that the world was painted in when I was a child.  Maybe it was a passage I had read in Henri Nouwen’s book about the art of letter writing that fanned the flame that G.’s question had sparked.  I don’t know.  But all I have to say is God’s timing is perfect.

A taste:


6 comments on “update on gol #5

  1. janejane
    July 30, 2010

    so cute! i’m excited… 😀

  2. hans
    July 30, 2010

    that IS really cute. ditto to jane.

  3. Kelly
    July 30, 2010

    How exciting for you! I love it when ideas are in the works and you dream away so easily. The stationary pic ideas look good. I went to Melbourne and hunted around for a cute little diary coz I wanted something I would be delighted to use. Do you plan to do similar things as the pics you’ve shown?

    • mijin
      July 31, 2010

      I plan to sell similar things as the pictures shown. I wish I could design stuff like that, but I’m far behind in skill. Haven’t drawn regularly in like 10 years (woa).

  4. not you
    July 31, 2010

    yayayayay! so proud (and love the layout of this particular post)!

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