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a response to my devotional

Lord, we want to be a church that fixes our eyes upon your face, away from the distractions of how we were wronged, the way things should be, and the checklist of things that we think need to be done.  Jesus, you knew too much of what was in people not to trust or commit yourself to them, yet you were never cynical or critical.  You concerned yourself only with trusting in Your Father who could never let you down, who was with you always, loved you unconditionally, and was perfect in every way.  And because you always fixed your eyes on Him, you had hope for us all, for all our flaws and weaknesses and our darkest corners to be transformed into strength, unselfish love, and light.  I’ve come to a point of utter disappointment in people and am beginning to understand how not to take it personally, to brush it off, and to instead pray for those very people who have unknowingly jabbed at my heart and taken from me.  I realize it’s those days when I don’t sit down to really enjoy my Daily Bread and drink fully from the Living Water that I teeter on the tendency to criticize with a resentful heart.  Lord, help me not to rely on people to meet my expectations of justice and love but to instead look only to You, the only One who can provide such things without fail.  Filled with Your grace am I able to exercise justice and love in this world that craves it so.

My Utmost for His Highest devotional:

Hillsong United: “Lord of Lords” + “At the Cross”


2 comments on “a response to my devotional

  1. hans
    July 30, 2010

    m’dear… you are right.

  2. djtucker
    January 7, 2011

    loved reading this…keep up with your writing of OUR LORD!

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