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gol #5: stationery haven

T.’s away for the weekend, camping on the Lost Coast with some friends.  We backpacked there a few years ago; it was one of our favorite trips.  Magical.  I’m supposed to be good and rest and take it easy after two weekends of traveling and an extra lengthy mensa cycle, but I was out most of the day and evening and here I am, awake past midnight. 🙂  I’m so sleepy, but being alone feels wonderful and incomplete at the same time.  Like I’m restless and need to do things…  I’ve been daydreaming a lot lately about running my own shop.  A shop filled with Korean design stationery, Shinzi Katoh stuff, and local artists’ paper goods.  I would be so giddy being surrounded by all that everyday.  And I’d have a corner called the letter writing corner where people can drink coffee or hot chocolate and munch on Peppero sticks while writing letters.  T. says I should find a business partner.  Someone who’s business minded and gifted in administrative tasks, because if I did it alone I may not even know (or care) if the business were losing money.  I love him.


5 comments on “gol #5: stationery haven

  1. estella
    July 24, 2010

    what an awesome idea…cannot wait to relax and write letters while munching on pepperos and sipping coffee 🙂
    your description made me feel there already…reading through all the different stationary sayings…lol…and looking at the pretty designs…

    • mijin
      July 25, 2010

      yes, the stationery sayings will always be entertaining to read. come visit often!

  2. hans
    July 25, 2010

    ahaha it’s like a little kid staying awake late at night 🙂 🙂

    • mijin
      July 25, 2010

      heeheeheee that’s exactly how tim describes it.

  3. not you
    July 27, 2010

    i LOVE that idea! i wish i had business skills to be your partner.

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