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golgolgol goooool!

Saturday afternoon W. and I picnicked on a hill in Dolores Park.  We munched on our sandwiches and chips as we talked, commenting intermittently on the music coming from the Mime Troupe stage.  He was telling me something his partner had heard at a conference about being successful in accomplishing your goals.  He said (I’m not sure if I got the percentages correct):

1. If you actually write your goal down, there’s a 20% chance that you’ll accomplish it.

2. If you break it down into steps of how to attain the goal, there’s a 40% chance.

3. If you tell someone, it grows to 60%.

4. Finally, if you enlist the help of people to make that goal come true, there’s an 80% chance it’ll happen.

I see how this would work.  There’s something powerful about confessing a dream.  Many people don’t even get to step #1.  And then to break it down into steps, is to acknowledge that it’s attainable.  I feel like #3 is similar to #1; but there’s something even more powerful about telling someone because then that person can keep you accountable.  And proclaiming with your lips makes it all the more real.  Finally, involving other people entails the opening of more doors and receiving help in areas you might lack.  This to me seems the hardest since I’m not very good at asking for help.  Having thought about what I want for myself, I’ve come up with these four goals.

Goal #1: Be healthy (strong, flexible, energetic, beautiful).

Goal #2: Get involved in inner healing + deliverance ministry.

Goal #3: Write a book that spiritually awakens and inspires.  The kind that makes you want to be your true self and quit your dead-end job, dump your verbally abusive boyfriend, and climb a tree to sit closer to the stars.

Goal #4: Design + make stationery.

Break it down! To begin July 5.  I’m open for more ideas on steps that would be helpful to take.

Goal #1: 1) Visit the nearby YMCA.  2) Register!  3) Take classes at YMCA twice a week.  4) Eat smaller portions + cook more at home.  5) Take a nap everyday (check!).  6) Do bagua stretches every morning.  7) Do moxa, take herbs + vitamins everyday (check!).  8. Get 8-9 hours of sleep a night (check!).  9) Get a massage every other month.  10) Walk or bike whenever I can (except on windy days).

Goal #2: 1) Do QT everyday (read the Word until God tugs at heart or speaks and pray in a quiet place). 2) Pray for others everyday.  3) Learn from people who know how to rest in God and carry with them His presence.  4) Visit the Ark often.  5) Take Basic SOZO Training at Bethel Church in Oct.  6) Watch iBethel TV + listen to other podcasts.  7) Read books on inner healing to educate self.  8. Find a mentor.  9) Keep an eye out for people I can work with.

Goal #3: 1) Begin writers’ circle again with W. + J.  2) Write everyday in blog to practice writing, even if it’s just a few lines.  3) Carry around a small notebook to jot down words, observations, poetry.  4) Go on artist’s dates.  5) Take photos with lomo.  6) Make a list of ideas for project topics and objectives.  7) Choose an idea + make an outline.  8. Work on writing project an hour every other day.  9) Set deadlines and reward self for meeting those deadlines.  10) Ask people for feedback (past teachers/mentors/classmates/writers’ circle).  11) Once finished, send manuscript to publishing companies or self-publish as e-book on amazon.

Goal #4: 1) Carry around a small sketchbook.  2) Draw a picture everyday.  3) Practice making journals (learn from book I have).  4) Take photos with lomo.  5) Collect design stationery that inspire me (oh, to go to Korea and splurge on stationery at the Kyobo bookstore).  6) Email J.Bliss about process, what’s involved in taking the design to the printers.  7) Find themes to focus on.  8. Decide on types of stationery.


3 comments on “golgolgol goooool!

  1. hans
    July 4, 2010


  2. moonovertokyo
    July 14, 2010

    is “w” who i think it is? i want to goal with you, too! can i? remember when we talked about a sketch a day waaaay back when? hmmm…maybe i’ll be more realistic for myself and do one design/week. i can post it onto my website! i’ll let you know when i start.

    • mijin
      July 14, 2010

      yeeees, w. is definitely who you think it is. please please goal with us so we can get a support group going. i do remember talking about a sketch a day and how we said we’d collaborate on a project involving wood to continue all we learned with johnny coleman! that seems a lifetime ago. yet here we are wanting to do what we wanted to do back then. posting up a design a week is an awesome idea. i might borrow that from you… w. said he’d check in with me 2 weeks after i posted this. let us know when you start so we can check up you from time to time. soooo excited for you guys. tokyo! and sooo excited to get your clothes from j.

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