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This week I’ve been organizing old photographs that were stuffed into a cardboard box hidden deep in the corner of the closet.  I found all these black and white pictures I’d taken with my lomo, a small black plastic camera made in Russia that Tim had given me for my birthday. Now I don’t really care for taking pictures because digital cameras seems so sleek and common.  But looking through my old photos of canyons that resemble whales, desert rocks teetering on top of one another, gritty scenes outside a watermarked subway train window in New York, sharp silhouettes of kitten ears poking out from a basket by the bedroom window, and the people I love captured in statuesque shades of black and white, made me miss taking pictures. Made me miss paying more attention and watching things in wonder.  So I dug out my lomo and fixed the broken lens cap with my mini screwdriver.  It’s ready to go!  I was praying later that day and felt tears at the revelation that never gets old, that God knows and loves me.  He knows how I love the simple things.  If you like photography, it doesn’t mean you have to take pictures using complicated equipment, the newest cameras, the biggest lenses.  I felt Him encouraging me to do what I love in the way I feel comfortable doing without any expectations or pressure to do it a certain way.


One comment on “lomo

  1. jane
    July 2, 2010

    yea totally. no unnecessary pressure. sucks the fun out of everything. i love this photo. skatergirl mijin. living on the edge. haha…

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