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i heart naps

This week has been a week of answered prayers and words of encouragement.  One of my prayer requests for a long time has been my health.  Since the miscarriage, my body’s weakened significantly.  I had consistent insomnia for 2-3 months afterward and would easily catch colds that took longer than usual to heal. But slowly and gradually I’ve been noticing a big difference.  My period has become regular (a sure sign of health in women), I sleep well (I’m most thankful for this), and I have more energy.

My husband’s been teaching me a lot, and if I weren’t married to an acupuncturist I can’t even imagine where I’d be in terms of my health.  I have to admit though that being married to an acupuncturist sometimes felt like living with my mom again.  I say this because I felt as if he would nag me about taking naps, doing moxa, and avoiding strenuous exercise.  But this week everything he’s been “nagging” me about just clicked.

T. said that God created us all differently and with great purpose. Not just regarding personalities and gifts, but bodies too.  The truth is that my body has limitations that I have to respect.  He said that I can work within these parameters and make my body the strongest it can be, but I hurt myself if I try to push those boundaries.  Like getting little sleep, eating junk food, and working 50 hour weeks is destructive and almost like testing God, being ignorant of the consequences of treating one’s body like that.  I used to do things I knew T. disapproved of (like riding my bike up hills and across the city a couple weeks after my miscarriage) because I was stubborn and wanted to prove that I wasn’t weak and vulnerable.  But immediately after such escapades, I could feel the fatigue and feeble mutterings of my internal organs.

In Defeating Dark Angels, Kraft talks about how demons cannot cause anything but can take advantage of what is already there.  If a person is physically weak, they can attack the body more easily (just as if a person is spiritually weak, they can attack the person spiritually).  But if a person is physically strong, demons can’t do a thing.  This convinced me that I needed to start being more serious about taking care of myself.  I just started reading Take a Nap!  Change Your Life and have been faithfully taking a nap everyday.  Before, I’d begrudgingly do it because T. would tell me to and I knew it was good for me, but now I want to take naps.  I’ve been noticing a huge difference!  In the book, she takes a scientific approach and explains how our bodies naturally have a dip in energy and hormone level around noon time.  A long time ago in many different cultures, people would actually close their businesses and go home to take naps at this time.  Some cultures even went so far as to say that this was the time demons roamed the streets and attacked those not taking naps, affecting their mental capacities.  And you might complain that naps waste precious time, but they actually save us time by improving our memories, sharpening our senses, and heightening our creativity.


2 comments on “i heart naps

  1. roommate
    March 4, 2010

    don’t ever compare me to your mom again. then again, I do feel like your mom a lot, like when picking up after your mess all of the time and telling you to clean your room.

  2. jane
    March 10, 2010


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