this secret garden

eden ii

We were standing on a cliff, overlooking the tremendous waterfall that roared and crashed into a placid pool below.  We jumped off into a dive with our arms spread wide.  It wasn’t a fall; it was more like we were flying, in control of our speed and not confined by gravity.  When we dove into the pool, I did somersaults in the water, flips, and twists.  He turned into a great blue whale, and I marveled at his massive body that carved through the water with such power and majesty.  I looked into his eye and recognized his smile.  Giggling, I swam alongside and then swam upside down beneath his belly, tracing the rough skin with my fingers.  Then he turned into a dolphin and swam circles around me.  I grabbed a hold of his fin with dear life as he raced across the surface of the water.  And then I became a dolphin and together we jumped in and out of the water with such ease and strength.  As we leaped into the air, we transformed into eagles and flew up and over the garden, soaring like royalty keeping watch over its kingdom.


2 comments on “eden ii

  1. estella
    March 4, 2010

    i felt like i was on this surreal trip…sigh and smile…:D

  2. hans
    March 4, 2010

    a whale!!!

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