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Lately I’ve been doing my quiet time at the dining room table since it’s conveniently located in the middle of our apartment.  Whenever I spend time reading the Bible or praying there, without fail, Satchmo comes.  He jumps onto the table and purring loudly, nudges my cheek with his nose and steps all over my Bible.  So depending on my mood, sometimes I’ll push him off the table (he just returns and then after several pushes, resorts to lying curled up on the table next to my arm) and other times I’ll hold him in my lap where he’ll continue to purr loudly with drool coming out the side of his mouth.

Today I was praying and when I opened my eyes, Satchmo was lying on his back (of course, right in the center fold of my Bible) with his paws in the air, his head right underneath mine and looking straight up at me.  I burst out laughing and kissed the tuft of fur on his chest.   But the times when I love him most are when he’s sleeping.  With his paws tucked under his chest, he becomes a mound of fur and resembles a hedgehog.  I put my face right up to his and watch him sleeping.  Without a care in the world!  Then I’ll kiss the bridge of his nose or his forehead and he’ll wiggle his ear or sigh a little and then I’ll chuckle to myself.  These are the times I’m reminded that I don’t have to do anything to be loved by God.  He just looks at me and loves me.  When I remember this, I look up with a silly grin and bathe in His delight.


3 comments on “satchmo

  1. jane
    February 25, 2010

    awww… satchmo is pretty delightful… when he’s not pooping outside his litter box. or biting my legs. or covered in eye boogers. sweet satchey.

  2. hans
    February 25, 2010

    my comment got eaten up by something! anyhoo, i just said ” awww satchmo sweet sweet cuddly kitty”. i like hims.

    • mijin
      February 27, 2010

      hans, that comment was identified as spam! weird… see you tonight!

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